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Studio Hi YA!

Yes you can hire our studios for Radio or TV Hit us up below

Podcasting - Broadcasting - Creating it's what we do!


we have awesome studios for radio and TV for hire per hour or per day available at amazing rates to the local community, everything in one place, we even have a cafe, green room, reception, WC, games machines, full through-the glass production area with integrated talk-back, plenty of desk space so you can get creative, Everything you need in one place.

We are told it's one of the most comfortable, welcoming, easy-to-use and impressive media spaces to lose yourself in. 

What do we have for you to play with?

The Radio Studio (Studio 1)

  • Split Broadcast Mixing Desk (Remote Start buttons for Playout)
  • 3 Broadcast Microphones (3x Mic processors)
  • Triple touch screen monitors (2 for playout 1 for misc)
  • Automated Playout (Playout ONE)
  • Adobe Audition (Record your stuff)
  • Yellow-Tec VIP Mic Processing (Makes you sound like a DJAayy)
  • Inovonics Off Air Processor (Gives you that FM Sound)
  • Twin Dennon CD Players (People still use them)
  • Pioneer DJ XDJRX3 DJ Mixing (Serato, RekordBox, or standalone)
  • 4 Pioneer Active Monitors
  • 3 Studio Screens
  • Webcam
  • Telephone Balancing Unit (take calls on air)
  • A pen and some paper
  • Mic-Live Lights 
  • Acoustic foam sound-treated walls
  • External production area (through the glass)
  • Full two-way talk back to production (so your producer can bark orders)

You can record your productions via the off-air processor to give you that radio sound, you can simulate an entire radio show, jingles, news, traffic etc and record it as if you were recording it off an FM Radio or you can record it  clean for a more Podcasting sound 


The TV Studio (Studio 2)

  • 1x 6ft x 6ft Green Screen
  • 1x 12ft x 12ft Green Screen
  • Talks Table with 4 Mics
  • Rodecaster
  • Multiple Lights
  • Top-Gear Chars with two Mics
  • 1 Lumix 4K Camera 
  • 3 Sony 4K remote control cameras
  • VMix Control Surface Vision Mixer
  • AV Mix Vision Mixer (for inserts on simulated screen)
  • Tally-Lights Red, Green, and Orange
  • VMix Multi-Screen Production
  • Acoustic foam treatment (Heavy) 
  • 2 Sony handheld radio Mics
  • 2 Sony lavalier radio mics
  • Talkback to the presenter
  • Multiple Virtual Sets
  • Full live streaming - pop-out video player 

We can broadcast your show live to any website or we can host it for you and you just give your viewers a link to full your show/

We can also record your show on an SD card, or we can send it to you via we-transfer.

What is the studio good for?

  • Corporate Videos
  • Video Podcasting 
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Interviews
  • Television Shows
  • Quiz Shows 
  • Competitions 

This list is endless as we can adapt it to pretty much anything 




This Studio also has full Radio / Audio production facilities similar to our Radio Studio and is very configurable  


The rest of the stuff

  • Full Kitchen with table and chairs (The Cafe) 
  • Reception area with large Screen
  • Leasure area / green room with 2 sofas and 3 armchairs 
  • Production area which sits on the other side of the glass to Studio 1
  • Multiple PC and desks for grown-up stuff
  • Photo Copier
  • Wifi Everywhere
  • WC
  • Posh Coffee Machine
  • A potplant just about hanging on for life



Regency Productions is the production arm of Regency Radio, We are the creative side of radio, we make the fancy stuff you hear on the air, not just for us at Regency Radio but for other radio stations as well.

We also make syndicated radio shows which are broadcast from our studios each week shows like;


The Heritage Chart

The Tommy Boyd Show

Jazz, Soul & Blues with Duncan Barkes

Azjack House Arrest 

Nathassia Goddess is a DJ

The Roller Disco

If you are a broadcaster and are interested in taking any of the above shows contact us below 




We also run training courses, in Presentation, Audio Production, Show Creation, and DJing. 

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