David Legge

David first became interested in radio after his parents bought him a transistor radio for his seventh birthday. In his late teens, he gained experience in land-based pirate radio under an assumed name, but would have preferred to have been an offshore pirate DJ.

He went legit in 1983 when Southern Sound opened in Brighton and was a freelance for four years. His first regular show was Giants, which featured hits from the 1950s & 60s.

From September 1987 he worked for BBC Radio Sussex, presenting Daybreak during the week and David on Sunday, as well as a stint on the Afternoon Show.

In 1993, he got a proper job in London as an "announcer" for BBC World Service and stayed there for eighteen years, even though he couldn't play any music! David left in 2011 just before the World Service moved out of the legendary Bush House in The Strand.

Now the wheel has turned full circle & he's back on local radio reliving the music of his twenties. David says he's considering going professional one of these days!

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