Ambrose Harcourt

The most laid-back radio presenter in Sussex, and recently voted as having the ‘most recognisable voice in the South’, Ambrose grew up in the unlikely setting of the flatlands of East Anglia and still managed to acquire that supercool growl.

In Sussex, his once-a-month residency at the Grand Hotel’s, Midnight Blues Nightclub with Mr Lurve’s Singles Night became legendary, introducing many couples and yielding quite a fair number of weddings. Many years ago on Google, listening to Ambrose was one of the top 30 things you must have done to prove that you have lived in the City of Brighton

Back on the air with Regency Radio Brighton, the man they call “Mr Lurve” will introduce his love song shows to a new vibrant, cosmopolitan, diverse, audience in the City as well as reach out to all those who use to warm to his dulcet tones with “The Love Hour” from Monday to Thursday and “The Love Zone” on Sunday from 21.00 hrs to Midnight with the must listen to Love Bites Top 3 with great interaction with the listeners, so start picking your 3 favourite love songs now and then contact Ambrose.

He will also be waking us up with the “Sunday Soul/ Motown Breakfast Show” from 7am to 10am.